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Yoga Daya Features

Features of our studio include:
• Yoga with Sound Biomechanics
• Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Classes
• Specialized Wellness Programs
• 500 Hour Teacher Training and Mentor Programs
• Rewards Program
• Ample Upfront Parking
• Convenient Culver City location (near Metro)

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Read and download the Invocation to Patanjali

Read and download the Prayer for Peace

Yoga Daya Gift Cards

Give the gift of Yoga! Click here to order.

Yoga Daya Gift Cards

SAVE on 300 Hour Program!

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Sign up for total 300 Hour Professional Program in 2018 and receive 15% discount. First Training starts March 9, 2018.
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Personalized Yoga Programs

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If you need a more tailored yoga program, Daya Wellness is right for you. DAYA Wellness Program’s systematic approach allows both you and our instructors to clearly focus on your goals. Group classes are great for regular exercise and maintaining general good health. However, if group classes are not right for your needs, schedule a Daya Wellness Consultation today!

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Work Study & Internships

Email here for details on how you can get involved at Yoga Daya!

Multi-Wear YogaSkirtz


Featured in LA Yoga Magazine, with YogaSkirtz you can layer in style during & after practice. Purchase your very own YogaSkirtz in-store or online at!

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Our Yoga Daya logo represents kindness and compassion to ourselves as well as others. Each piece is handmade with healing stones. Get your unique Daya Jewelry today. Available in-store only.

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