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Teacher Scholarship Fund

The aim of the Yoga Daya Teacher Scholarship Fund (YDTSF) is to ensure our teachers have the highest professional standards to provide you with the best quality yoga and wellness related services for your long-term health goals. Through our YDTSF we will provide continuing education for current and aspiring yoga and wellness instructors at Yoga Daya thereby improving the standards of excellence of our teachers.

Claire Abuan
Yoga Daya - Claire Abuan

Daya Core Movement

Claire Abuan is a certified Pilates mat (BASI) & GYROTONIC® instructor. Her specialties include Pre/Post Natal, Scoliosis and Breast Cancer Survivor work. She holds a Zero Balancing certification as well.

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Aina Che
Yoga Daya - Claire Abuan

Vinyasa Flow, Teacher Training

Aina Che’s (E-RYT 500, RPYT) grounded teaching style creates space for students to deepen their personal practice. Her students emerge from their practice with the rich, bright energy that yoga has to offer. She believes that Yoga practice is a method for learning to steady the mind on what is actually happening in that moment. Teaching yoga is not teaching poses, but teaching individuals; so she pays much attention on each one of her students (their bodies and alignments) in class, and does her best to keep the environment safe and full of love. Her way of teaching yoga is direct, intense, compassionate and loving. She believes that focusing on alignment is not just for safety, but also provides gateways to focus and inner stillness.

Rick Corsillo
Yoga Daya - Rick Corsillo

Iyengar Yoga Teacher

Rick brings 10 years of teaching experience to his career. He has been teaching in the Southern California heath & fitness community for much of that time. Being involved in a person’s quest for total health is a deeply personal passion for Rick. His commitment to Yoga, health and well being is a life long study which places his professional and personal practice in a perpetual state of growth. Rick enjoys teaching multiple goal-oriented demographics, while artfully bridging the systematic health sciences with creativity.

Rick’s teaching is alignment focused, and his mission is to safely and optimally guide his students towards the multiple benefits of Yoga.

As a Certified Iyengar yoga teacher, yoga is a daily practice for Rick. The reason that he practices yoga is ever evolving, yet his dharma remains the same. His dharma is to be a better person today than he was yesterday, which means the same for his teaching. Teaching brings long lasting feelings of contentment to Rick, and he aims to makes positive impacts on his students.

Jenna Faith
Yoga Daya - Ahmed Elaasar

Viyasa Flow Teacher

Jenna Faith was always searching for purpose and a way to devote her life to the service of others. She had practiced yoga as a teenager, but in 2012 John Smrtic introduced her to the Jivamukti method. Enchanted by Jivamukti’s focus on spirituality and activism, Jenna completed her teacher training under the guidance of founders Sharon Gannon and David Life in May 2013. She then apprenticed with advanced certified mentor Jessica Stickler, completing 800 hour certification in May 2014. Jenna is grateful to have studied with these and other master teachers who have positively influenced and supported her. Many of her teaching techniques have been gleaned from study and classes with Jessica Stickler and Jules Febre, while the music and mood of John Smrtic’s classes have always enlivened her spirit.

Jenna’s personal experience living with chronic pain, fibromyalgia and joint hyper-mobility deeply inform her practice and teaching, bringing a level of awareness, sensitivity and safety to her classes. Her complex, dynamically sequenced classes are set to meticulously crafted, uplifting musical soundtracks that deepen the inward experience of yogic union. Jenna’s classes, workshops and private sessions are always personalized for any level of practitioner, with special attention to their needs, alignment, and the growth of the student’s personal practice. Jenna has also enjoyed several opportunities to teach workshops at festivals internationally, most recently at Prague Spirit Festival and Bhakti Fest. She lives part of the year in the motherland of India, staying deeply connected to her practice, devotion and the core of yoga teachings.

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Megan Harvey
Yoga Daya - Megan Harvey

Megan is a RYT 500 hour yoga instructor, and teaches throughout the Los Angeles area. Her passion for alignment, deep exploration of postures, and use of props to enhance poses and accommodate all challenges eventually lead Megan to the Iyengar practice. She strives to give back to her students what yoga has given her: strength and freedom in her body, and tranquility and happiness in mind.

A native of rural western Montana, Megan spent much of her childhood in a sparkly pink tutu putting on ballet recitals on the family farm. She left big sky country to attend USC and danced well into college, but after a knee injury, sought out another form of exercise and found yoga. She practiced for years before taking the leap into teaching (this time sans tutu). Megan is now very happy to be training with Tulsi at Yoga Daya and truly honored to have the opportunity to teach.

Tulsi Laher
Yoga Daya - Tulsi Laher

IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist, Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Yoga Philosophy & Yoga Anatomy

After teaching at some of the most established studios in Los Angeles: the Iyengar Yoga Institute of Los Angeles (IYILA), Yoga Works, Sports Club LA, and Equinox Tulsi Laher opened Yoga Daya studio in 2011. Since opening Yoga Daya, Tulsi Laher developed the Daya Wellness Program focused on quantifiable results, the Daya Clothing line introducing YogaSkirtz as well as Daya Jewelry. Familiar with Sanskrit and yoga philosophy from an early age, Tulsi Laher wrote a Sanskrit pronunciation guide for yoga asanas used in Yoga Daya’s Teacher Training Program.

Specializing in the spine, Tulsi Laher teaches workshops on ‘Yoga for a Healthy Spine’ and ‘Yoga for Scoliosis’. Her philosophy in teaching yoga is that through understanding biomechanics in movement while utilizing the breath, you can help reduce pain and bring a harmonious balance to the mind and body. It is becoming increasingly necessary to take charge of our own health, and Tulsi Laher’s aim is to help you in ‘living health daily’.

Tulsi Laher also mentors aspiring Iyengar yoga teachers in the Yoga Daya mentorship program.

“I would like express my sincere gratitude to all those who have a been part of Yoga Daya’s grand success. It is my hope that we share in friendliness and compassion with one another, and continue to offer a premier yoga studio!”

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Vladimir Nekrasov (Mukunda)
Yoga Daya - Vladimir Nekrasov

Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Yoga Rope Wall

Vladimir Nekrasov (Mukunda) began his practice of yoga in Ukraine in 1991. After coming to the U.S. in 1996, he discovered Iyengar Yoga while attending yoga classes at Govinda’s Studio. Yoga became his life and soul and he became a certified Iyengar teacher. Vladimir continues his studies in the Iyengar tradition and is working towards his next Iyengar certification. He is also talented in developing and designing yoga props used in the Iyengar classes.

Katelyn Qualey
Yoga Daya - Katelyn Qualey

Vinyasa Flow Teacher, Daya Core Movement, Yoga for Scoliosis

Katelyn Qualey, a RYT 500 and E-RYT 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher, began practicing Iyengar yoga in 2007 to ease the discomfort caused by scoliosis. Even after having surgery a few years later, yoga was integral to maintaining a balanced body. Deepening her practice, Katelyn completed completed a 200 hour teacher training program at YogaWorks in 2012. She began teaching in 2013 and in 2016 finished up her 300 hour training with Pure Flow Yoga. In the summer of 2017, Katelyn completed a yoga for scoliosis workshop/training with Elise Miller Browning (both for herself and to share with others).

As an instructor Katelyn’s goal is to facilitate a safe and enjoyable experience for each unique practitioner. She appropriately challenges each student in her classes, while offering modifications and support when necessary. She cares immensely about being an excellent yoga teacher and it is her sincere objective to learn and improve as a teacher (and person) through her experience with all types of students. And with a yoga practice, we’re always students. Come practice with Katelyn and imbibe the Yoga Vibe!

Kiyomi Takahashi
Yoga Daya - Kiyomi Takahashi

E-RYT 500 Flow Yoga Instructor, Lead Trainer in Yoga Daya’s Teacher Training Programs

Kiyomi teaches Flow Yoga at Yoga Daya and is a Lead Trainer in our 200 Hour Teacher Training and 300 Hour Professional Program in the Advanced Asana Module.

She is a dedicated and passionate practitioner and teacher of Yoga and Meditation. Kiyomi’s classes are safe & light-hearted with detailed instructions, encouragement, and modifications.

Born and raised in Japan, she earned her BA in Tokyo, her MA in San Francisco, and began her corporate career in 2001, where she stayed for eight years with yoga becoming her refuge during a busy corporate life. With her strong desire to understand the healing capacity of this ancient practice, she began her journey to take several teacher trainings. After completing her first 500-hr teacher training, she knew she wanted to share the gift of yoga with others. In 2009, she took the plunge to leave her corporate life to pursue her passion and curiosity for yoga, and never looked back.

Kiyomi is a Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 Yoga Teacher, an IKYTA-certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, and a Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach. When she is not teaching she spends as much time as she can in nature, ocean swimming, surfing, and hiking.

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Ida Unger
Yoga Daya - Ida Unger

Iyengar Yoga Teacher

Ida E. Unger, Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor, M. ED. began teaching yoga in 1988 at her home-based studio in Santa Monica, Yoga Garden Studios, and at Santa Monica College. She studied with the Iyengar family in Pune, India and continues to benefit from instruction with senior teachers. Ida feels eternally grateful for the changes yoga has brought to her life and is honored to share this practice with all who want to live with more of themselves awake, alive, present and peaceful . She lives in Tujunga, where you will find her hiking with her family and dogs, reading a book, or standing on her head.

Veronica Wolkow
Yoga Daya – Veronica Wolkow

Iyengar Yoga, Daya Wellness Program Instructor

Unexpectedly finding a life-changing practice, Veronica discovered the transformative power of yoga in her very first class. The antidote she sought to 60-hour work weeks in a cubicle promptly triggered a career change. She completed teacher trainings with Yogaworks in 2008 and has been teaching in Los Angeles since.

Veronica has been a dedicated student of the Iyengar system for 10 years and is working toward certification. She has an ability to connect with practitioners of all ages and levels. Students find her light-hearted approach creates a friendly learning environment. Her classes often use ropes and chairs to inform alignment and invite space in the body.

Veronica loves teaching because of the confidence and empowerment she sees it bring to her students.

Mia Wigmore
Yoga Daya - Mia Wigmore

Iyengar Yoga Teacher

Mia Wigmore has a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in theology. After mentoring with Chris Stein, who studied directly under BKS Iyengar, and completing the three year Iyengar teacher training program in Los Angeles, Mia became a certified Iyengar yoga teacher in 2015.

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