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About Yoga Daya

Our Philosophy

Invest in your health at Yoga Daya. Health is a lifestyle and creating habits that reflect your goals and aspirations is our philosophy. If you have a goal to lose weight or develop tools to de-stress, for example; ask yourself what you are practicing daily that precipitates those goals. With DAYA (kindness), we at Yoga Daya facilitate you in creating better habits for greater health and success.

Our Values

To help you invest in your health, Yoga Daya focuses on the 3-P’s. We are Personal, Positive and Professional. Known for our exceptional service and personal attention, at Yoga Daya we know your name. Our classes provide the personal attention you need to advance in your health goals. Yoga Daya is more than a studio. It is a zen inspired oasis designed to motivate you with an enduring yoga practice. Our goal at Yoga Daya is to provide a positive experience and first-class Professionalism at all times. In the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali says that one of the characteristics of a yogi is friendliness. At Yoga Daya we imbibe the deeper meaning of DAYA (Compassion and Loving Kindness), and pride ourselves in remembering that we are here to serve our members and offer the highest quality customer service.

Our Mission

Yoga Daya’s mission is to provide the highest quality yoga with sound biomechanics. In other words, with attention to your natural optimal physical conditioning and breathing techniques. We value the science behind biomechanices as well as lasting principles of good health, and strive to provide classes that are safe for long term growth. More than intensely practicing and then not exercising at all, we at Yoga Daya celebrate consistent practice as a lifestyle.

Our studio has a relaxing, zen-like atmosphere with fine attention to detail. Large floor to ceiling windows fill our expansive loft studio with bright, colorful light during the day. Practice yoga while gazing at views of the downtown Los Angeles skyline and Baldwin Hills. Yoga Daya is located in the heart of Culver Junction, which is experiencing dramatic growth. There is a metro rail station within walking distance, and ample free parking along with 24-hour security.

If you are looking to advance your yoga teaching skills to a professional level, Yoga Daya’s Teacher Training Program is right for you. Yoga Daya is a registered yoga school (RYS) with Yoga Alliance and we offer a 500 Hour Teacher Training Program in Vinyasa Flow with Alignment Focus. The Program combines 200 and 300 Hour Trainings. The 300 Hour Professional Program is divided into three 100 Hour Trainings: Advanced Asana, Daya Core and Daya Zen. The Teacher Training is designed to prepare you for all types of students. Completing this comprehensive series will qualify you for a 500 Hour Advanced Training Certificate, and qualify you to register at the 500 Hour level with Yoga Alliance. Featured in LA Yoga Magazine, Yoga Daya also offers a Mentorship Program for coaching teachers. Yoga Daya furnishes a nurturing team environment in which individuals at various levels of their respective yoga practice can grow and evolve as teachers and people. Many of our graduates have established new careers as yoga instructors at Yoga Daya studio as well made lifelong yogi connections. Our Teacher Training faculty are highly trained and certified, and passionate about sharing the art of yoga with you. Trainings are offered at various times of the year. Click here for further information on our next training dates.

Yoga Daya uplifts students through consistency, progress, and compassion. If you can’t come to us, we will come to you with our Daya Wellness Program. Yoga Daya’s group classes are great for maintaining a regular yoga practice. However, for those of you living with chronic pain and are looking for a regular exercise program for pain management, Yoga Daya offers Wellness Programs. Gain quantifiable results through working one on one with Yoga Daya’s specialists.

We aim to stay close to nature from the design of the studio to our Daya Clothing line. Designed in Los Angeles and made in India, our clothing is fair trade and made with love. Our YogaSkirtz have been featured on several fashion issues of LA Yoga Magazine, Southern California’s top source of information for all things Yoga, Ayurveda, Wellness and Health.

Why it’s named Yoga Daya?

Dayā means compassion in Sanskrit. It is also the 7th yama in the yamas-niyamas of the ashtanga yoga system. More than a studio, Yoga Daya is a community emphasizing compassion and kindness. Part of compassion is to help others which we believe is an integral part of yoga. Trying something new is often times a challenging endeavor, and we just want you to know, we understand. Fortunately, our yoga studio is fully equipped with an array of yoga props and patient teachers. Come to our studio and we will help you get started ‘living health daily’.

Yoga Daya Teacher Scholarship Fund

Going forward it is increasingly important to take charge of our own health. Health care costs are rising faster than inflation. In 2016 healthcare costs rose more than they have in the past thirty-two years.

The aim of the Yoga Daya Teacher Scholarship Fund is to ensure our teachers have the highest professional standards to provide you with the best quality yoga and wellness related services for your long-term, lasting health goals.

Through our Teacher Scholarship Fund we will provide continuing education for current and aspiring yoga and wellness instructors at Yoga Daya thereby improving the standards of excellence of our teachers.

How it Works:
Choose your level of sponsorship

Gold – Includes: Yoga Daya 200 Hour, 300 Hour or 500 Hour Teacher Training Program; and a Yoga Daya Mentorship Program; plus One all expense paid trip to India to study yoga for 1 month under a yoga school of recipient’s choice including but not limited to, Vinyasa Yoga School, K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute, or Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute (RIMYI) – donate ($13,000)

Silver – Yoga Daya 200 Hour, 300 Hour or 500 Hour Teacher Training Program; and a Yoga Daya Mentorship Program – donate ($8,676)

Bronze – General donation, no minimum: your generous donation will go towards providing continuing education for Yoga Daya’s current teachers.

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Thank you for considering the Yoga Daya Teacher Scholarship Program

Yoga Daya Features

Yoga Daya - Clean, Beautiful and Stress Free Environment.  Zen-like.

Yoga Daya features a zen-like atmosphere. Clean, beautiful & stress free!

Yoga Daya - Plenty of Free Up-Front Parking

Plenty of free up-front parking and 24 hour security. For directions click here »

Yoga Daya - Free Tea

Complimentary tea and RO filtered water. Relax and enjoy a cup before class.

Yoga Daya - Great views of Downtown LA and Baldwin Hills

Large floor to ceiling windows make it bright and warm. Skyline views of downtown LA and Baldwin Hills.

Yoga Daya - Retail - Yoga Props, Accessories, Clothing, Jewelry, India

Shop at Yoga Daya’s retail section for all your yoga and gift giving needs. We have a full array of yoga props for sale.

Yoga Daya rope wall, invert body, lengthening spine, fun inversions

Equipped with a rope wall which helps lengthen your spine, open up your joints, strengthen hard-to-build muscles and facilitate inversions.


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