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About Yoga Daya

Our Philosophy

Yoga Daya is more than a studio. It is a zen inspired oasis designed to motivate you with an enduring yoga and meditation practice, for offering a cohesive education into the art of teaching yoga, for rallying together in showing DAYA (kindness) towards one another. Health is a lifestyle and creating habits that reflect your goals and aspirations is our philosophy. If you have a goal to lose weight, for example, or a goal to be more calm and centered, ask yourself what you are practicing daily that is going to precipitate those goals. Here at Yoga Daya we offer yoga and meditation classes, personalized wellness programs and more to facilitate you in creating better habits for greater health and success.

Our Mission

Our mission at Yoga Daya is to offer yoga and meditation classes, workshops, and teacher trainings to our local community in a clean, beautiful, stress free environment. Our studio has a relaxing, zen-like atmosphere with fine attention to detail. Large floor to ceiling windows fill our expansive loft studio with bright, colorful light during the day. Practice yoga while gazing at views of the downtown Los Angeles skyline and Baldwin Hills. No need to stress about parking as we have plenty of up-front spots along with 24 hour security.

Yoga Daya is a private studio focusing on small class sizes with individual attention, a place where we know your name. Our instructors emphasize safety and personalized instruction to inspire and guide you to progress deeper into your yoga practice. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or a beginner starting out on your yoga experience, Yoga Daya offers classes to suit your aspirations. We offer classes from different schools of yoga, Iyengar and Vinyasa Flow. Additionally, we offer specialty classes like Pilates, Yin and Daya Restore. At Yoga Daya, all of our classes are designed to advance your practice. In addition, our advanced instructors have expertise in a variety of personalized wellness programs ranging from strength training, chronic pain management, arthritis, scoliosis, to stress-reduction. Yoga Daya teachers provide the highest standard of exceptional service.

To stay close to nature from the design of the studio, to our Daya Clothing line, to keeping our classes safe by understanding that it takes time and patience to develop. We value the science behind physiology as well as lasting principles of good health, and strive to provide classes that are safe for long term growth. More than intensely practicing and then not exercising at all, we at Yoga Daya celebrate consistent practice as a lifestyle.

To uplift our students through consistency, progress, and compassion. If you can’t come to us, we will come to you with our Daya Wellness Program. Need a yoga vacation? We offer annual yoga retreats. We value the pursuit of knowledge & good health and aim to forge a strong yoga community based on these principles. Yoga Daya is family owned and run and will always continue to be. Come on up and experience our studio for yourself. We’re friendly, down-to-earth and here to serve you!

Why it’s named Yoga Daya?

Dayā means compassion in Sanskrit. It is also the 7th yama in the yamas-niyamas of the ashtanga yoga system. More than a studio, Yoga Daya is a community emphasizing compassion and kindness. Part of compassion is to help others which we believe is an integral part of yoga. Trying something new is often times a challenging endeavor, and we just want you to know, we understand. Fortunately, our yoga studio is fully equipped with an array of yoga props and patient teachers. Come to our studio and we will help you get started ‘living health daily’.

Yoga Daya Features

Yoga Daya - Clean, Beautiful and Stress Free Environment.  Zen-like.

Yoga Daya features a zen-like atmosphere. Clean, beautiful & stress free!

Yoga Daya - Plenty of Free Up-Front Parking

Plenty of free up-front parking and 24 hour security. For directions click here »

Yoga Daya - Free Tea

Complimentary tea and RO filtered water. Relax and enjoy a cup before class.

Yoga Daya - Great views of Downtown LA and Baldwin Hills

Large floor to ceiling windows make it bright and warm. Skyline views of downtown LA and Baldwin Hills.

Yoga Daya - Retail - Yoga Props, Accessories, Clothing, Jewelry, India

Shop at Yoga Daya’s retail section for all your yoga and gift giving needs. We have a full array of yoga props for sale.

Yoga Daya rope wall, invert body, lengthening spine, fun inversions

Equipped with a rope wall which helps lengthen your spine, open up your joints, strengthen hard-to-build muscles and facilitate inversions.


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